Custom Environmental Software

Custom software systems developed to meet our client's specific needs is our specialty.  HighPoint Software Services, Inc. (HPSS) has over 15 years of experience in defining, scoping, developing and installing custom environmental software systems.

Clients who work with HPSS maintain that we have taken custom software development to the next level with ultra-high quality, modular, flexible systems and a personalized service that is only possible because of HPSS’ in-depth knowledge of a client’s needs, environmental regulations and excellent software skills. 

HPSS is able to provide our clients with “Systems that Work” and save them time, effort and money.

What HighPoint Software Services, Inc. is All About

Personalization    We design our software around the people who are using it rather than squeezing a client into using pre-existing off-the-shelf software that doesn’t fully meet their needs.  HPSS starts by discussing with our clients about their requirements for a system.  HPSS then works closely with our clients to produce a system tailored to meet these specific needs.  These systems are co-developed, since who best understands your needs better than yourself.  During development, our clients stay actively involved by testing interim versions to make sure the final system is exactly to their specifications.  HPSS also maintains a long-term relationship with our clients to make sure the systems continue to meet our client’s needs and stay current with software and hardware technology.  

Specialized Service     HPSS is not your typical environmental software company.  HPSS brings to our clients our expert programming skills, system integration skills (sometimes clients want their existing systems to be integrated with HPSS’ systems) and our environmental / regulatory knowledge of what is required for system functionality and reporting.  HPSS also has experience in dealing with a facility’s Information Systems (IS or IT) personnel to make sure our system fits in with your current network or hardware.

Flexibility   HPSS is very flexible in providing a solution to meet your needs.  HPSS has many options to provide the most cost-effective system for a client:

·        A complete custom designed and developed system

·        Integrate a new system with existing facility software or systems

·        Modify an existing facility system

·        Build a system as part of a team of programmers either internal or external  

·        Utilize existing HPSS system modules and customize to a client’s needs

·        Develop standalone, network based, intranet, or internet solutions

Even after a system is installed and functional, the overall modular design and open system architecture allow for future updates, modifications or additions.

Highest Quality     HPSS has made the decision to stay small, focused and very hands-on.   We prefer quality to quantity.  We have limited our workload so that we can maintain a high level of quality in our software and provide support services to our clients.

Value for Money     The best does not come cheap but our clients see the value of our work.  We have kept our overhead costs low and we, in turn, pass on the savings to our clients.  The cost of an HPSS system may be higher than off-the-shelf software but the savings in efficiency and time by using an HPSS system that integrates into a company’s existing business systems makes HPSS systems more cost effective.

Experience    One of the rarest and most important factor in any business is experience.   HPSS has over 15 years of programming experience along with over 25 years of environmental expertise.  HPSS not only provides a software solution, we also keep you informed as to the current regulatory requirements and make sure they are included in the systems.

Systems that Work     HPSS systems are installed and functional at our client’s facilities.   The systems work and the clients rave about the time savings and additional functionality that the systems provide.  What makes an HPSS system so special ?

An HPSS system is developed to fit into a facility’s existing business systems.  This means that HPSS will create systems for data analysis and reporting and follow the methodologies that are in place at a facility.  This integration of a new HPSS system into existing networks without a change in standard operating procedures provides a saving in time without the disruption of changing an operating routine.  Typically, off-the-shelf environmental software requires a facility to change existing operating procedures or business systems to make the software fit.

Why HPSS ?

Our clients answer this question best with their support and repeat business.  HPSS’ commitment to a client is long-term.  The HPSS system that is installed saves our clients time, effort and money.  After using an HPSS system, our clients become aware of what can be done with the software and ask for additional tasks to be added to a system to expand the automation of their work.

It’s really up to you to decide what HPSS might do for you.  HPSS is a specialist in custom environmental software and system integration offering a very personalized service.  Our systems are unique and fit a much needed void in helping our clients quickly and effectively automate their specific data management and reporting requirements.   HPSS provides a high level of service and attention to all of our clients.  This also brings in a high percentage of repeat business as word spreads within a company of how HPSS has automated tasks to make data management and reporting easier.

Our success is best defined by our continued clients’ satisfaction.

If you are interested, please contact HighPoint Software Services, Inc., we will be glad to discuss your custom software needs and how HPSS may be able to serve them.