Miscellaneous Metal Parts Coating MACT Compliance Software     



Is your recordkeeping /reporting of as applied paint and solvent usage a time consuming and difficult task to show compliance with the miscellaneous metal parts surface coating MACT standard?  (40 CFR part 63 Subpart MMMM)


If this is the case, HighPoint Software Services, Inc. (HPSS) can be of assistance to you.  HPSS has developed for the miscellaneous metal parts (MMP) surface coating industry an easy to use Windows-based MACT compliance system.  This system is currently in use at MMP coating facilities and saves time in tracking and reporting usage and VOC and HAP emissions for regulatory compliance.





The MACT compliance system for miscellaneous metal parts coating starts with a simple method for entering paint/solvent usage from spray booths, screening machines, etc.  The operators/environmental personnel simply enter four pieces of information into the Windows program or in an Excel spreadsheet: 






HPSS has also used intranet screen entry for entering paint/solvent usage in place of the Excel spreadsheet.  The goal here is to make the entry of the paint/solvent data quick and easy for the operator or person entering the usage data.  Once the usage data is entered into a spreadsheet or an intranet screen, this information is imported into the database used by the MACT program.  During the importing of the usage data the required emission calculations are automatically performed.


A main part of the MACT program is the master paint / solvent tables.  These tables contain the pertinent MSDS and environmental data required for the emission calculations from paint / solvent usage.  The information tracked includes the VOC content, the amount of solids, weight percent of the constituents in a paint/solvent and flags that indicate if a constituent is a HAP, VOC or SARA chemical.



Once the usage data is entered into the system, the required MACT compliance reports for HAP amounts on a 12-month rolling average can be generated and printed.  HPSS can also customize the reports that the system produces to make sure that your MACT and internal reporting needs are met when using the system.




Besides just tracking and reporting information required for MACT compliance the system can also be used for SARA 313 reporting since the paint/solvent data entered into the system has constituents flagged if they are a SARA chemical.  This system has also been used by our clients as part of their air quality Title V continuous compliance system for recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the Title V program. 


As an additional service, HPSS can assist in loading the MSDS / environmental datasheet information into the system so a facility will be up and running the day they get the software installed and not have to spend time loading in their paint/solvent lookup information. 


If you would like to discuss your miscellaneous metal parts surface coating MACT compliance needs or get a demonstration of the MMP MACT compliance system, contact HPSS at MACTinfo@hpss.com or at 978-874-1717.