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HighPoint Software Services, Inc. (HPSS) was one of the exhibitors at the National Coil Coating Association’s Fall Technical meeting in Chicago at the end of September.  During the technical session on MACT compliance a slide was shown letting the attendees know that HPSS can provide software to meet the recordkeeping and reporting needs of MACT compliance.



MACT Compliance Options


If you are an existing source (start-up on or before 7/18/2000) then you are required to meet the coil coater MACT compliance by 6/10/2005.  There are four options to allow a facility to show compliance:


  1. “As Purchased” compliant material option – each coating you use during each 12-month compliant period must not exceed 0.046 kg HAP per liter solids as purchased.



  1. “As Applied” compliant material option – each coating you use during each 12-month compliance period must not exceed 0.046 kg HAP per liter solids, as applied, determined monthly.  The rolling 12-month average of all coating materials must not exceed 0.046 kg HAP per liter solids determined monthly.



  1. Add-on Controls Option (Overall Control Efficiency) – each emission capture system and associated control device must reduce emissions by 98 percent. You may use a total enclosure (100% capture) and an oxidizer to reduce organic HAP emissions to no more than a concentration of 20 parts per million by volume on a dry basis at the outlet.



  1. Emission Rate With Add-on Controls – The 12-month rolling average (determined monthly) of all coating materials you use, including the emission capture and control device efficiency, must not exceed 0.046 kg HAP per liter solids, determined monthly.



For the above compliance methods the following calculations are required:


For options 1,2 and 4, the collected data for coatings and thinners is used to calculate the organic HAP content of each coating material used during each 12-month compliance period.  For options 3 and 4, you must calculate the overall organic HAP control efficiency of your add-on controls.  For option 4, the collected data for coatings and thinners along with the overall HAP control efficiency of the add-on controls is used to calculate the organic HAP emission rate.


Coil Coating MACT Compliance System


Depending on the compliance option that is best suited for you facility, the recordkeeping requirements to demonstrate MACT compliance require tracking the usage of coatings and thinners.  HighPoint Software Services, Inc (HPSS) can provide software and assistance to help you implement a system to meet your MACT compliance and recordkeeping needs.















HPSS provides user-friendly Windows-based systems to meet our clients data collection, analysis and reporting needs.


The MACT compliance system for coil coating starts with a simple method for paint/solvent usage at a coating machine to be entered into the system.  The operators simply enter three pieces of information into an Excel spreadsheet:  the date of paint/solvent usage, the name/code of the material used and the amount in gallons. 



Text Box: Excel data entry
screen for paint and solvent
usage. information




HPSS has also used an intranet entry screen for entering paint/solvent usage.  The goal here is to make the entry of the paint/solvent data quick and easy for the operator or person entering the usage data.


Once the usage data is entered into a spreadsheet or an intranet screen, this information is imported into the database used by the MACT program. 


Text Box: Windows screen for paint /solvent usage.  Notice the VOC and HAP information that is automatically calculated when the usage data is entered or imported.



A main part of the MACT program is the master paint / solvent tables.  These tables contain the pertinent MSDS and environmental data required for emission calculations from paint / solvent usage.  The information tracked includes the weight percent of the constituents in a paint/solvent and flags that indicate if a constituent is a HAP, VOC or SARA chemical.


Text Box: Constituent composition information is entered for the organic solvents.


Besides just tracking and reporting information required for MACT compliance the system can also be used for SARA 313 reporting since the paint/solvent data entered into the system has constituents flagged if they are a SARA chemical.  Using the information in the system, reports can be generated to obtain the amount of each SARA chemical used of a specified date range.


This system can also be used as part of an air quality Title V continuous compliance system for recordkeeping and reporting requirements if your facility falls under the

Title V program. 


The Coil Coating MACT system is easy to use.  For each system installed, HPSS will provide user training on the system and data entry assistance if needed.  Typically, HPSS will assist in loading the MSDS / environmental datasheet information into the system so a facility will be up and running the day they get the software and not have to spend time loading in the paint/solvent lookup information.


HPSS can also customize the reports that the system produces to make sure that your MACT and internal reporting needs are met when using the system.


Coil Coating MACT Compliance Software - Additional Information 



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